Has McKinsey stated the obvious? Or said something new?

McKinsey screenshot

McKinsey & Company research report

There’s a discussion on the CMO forum on LinkedIn that started a few days ago – McKinsey & Co. came out with a new research opinion stating that marketing models must change and CMOs will increasingly be held accountable for the performance of groups that don’t report solely to them.   http://ow.ly/5U9hU

Is this really anything new?  Marketing that is simply about promoting an existing product… where marketing begins after the product is launched and ends when leads are generated and handed over to sales is BAD MARKETING.

As I stated on the LinkedIn forum:

“All those IQ points at McKinsey have realized is that Marketing isn’t about just publicizing some product that already exists. 

Marketing neither stops there nor ends there. Marketing starts at product conception.  It continues past the sale and past customer implementaton.  So if Marketing “done right” involves all this, then why shouldn’t Marketing be held accountable?

As others have already commented, the biggest barriers are organizational.  And to McKinsey, “duh”.  This is old news.”        

This commentary is a great introduction to my series on product positioning which will start with tomorrow’s posting, tentatively entitled “Product Positioning is not a Post-processing Activity”. 

What do you think?

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