Do You Infect Customers with Sick Software?

In my previous posting, I discussed the downsides of having a salesperson-driven (or “deal-driven”) product management methodology.  A product whose future is based on random sales opportunities is guaranteed to be stunted.

sick software

Sick Software

In these scenarios, product requirements constantly and randomly change, feature development starts and stops, scope creep abounds, developer time is wasted, development organizations get frustrated, and delivery deadlines are missed by breathtakingly large margins.

The resultant product will not only be stunted and diminished in its ability to compete in the marketplace, it is also highly likely to be of lowest quality.

Typically in such chaotic product management methodologies, proper design, architecture, usability, testing and quality assurance end up being tossed out the window.

Developer testing and QA particularly suffer as they are (stupidly) viewed as not being terribly critical and simply “slow down the development process” and will “result in missing our latest release date”.

Product Management #FAIL.

Company Management #FAIL.

In a word: the software is SICK. It is unhealthyIt’s diseased.  And the customers (and even the software company itself) would be often better off if it were quarantined.

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