Blame it on Sales!

I’ve received several IMs and emails from some friends in Sales – mostly along the lines of “Marketing is blaming Sales again…”  this time for product failure!

Why do I blame this on sales people?

software sales
Your friendly software sales person

I don’t at all. I admire Sales as a profession. I wish I were a great software sales person, as the really good ones make huge heaps of money.

Great sales people are people who are good at getting what they want. That includes closing big software deals – trying to influence the future of a product line to close a deal is just second nature to them. Long live Sales. Without you, there would be no software at all.

No, the problem isn’t Sales.

The problem is any product management not completely grounded in the needs of the (target) customer.

That includes product management driven by:

  • sales opportunities / sales people
  • wall street analysts
  • industry analysts
  • technologists and developers

All of these constituencies are voices which should be heard.
Their needs are real. Their opinions important. But a customer-driven and
target market driven PM methodology is the only path to success. That’s strong product management.  And as I’ve said before, in the absence of strong product management, other forces will take over.

And yes, Dan, I put that picture there because it sort of looks like you. BTW, thanks for the text message the other day 😉

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