Software Health: A New Best Practices Guide for Building Great Software

Software Health: A New Best Practices Guide for Building Great Software.

Austin, Texas (I-Newswire) August 29, 2011 – Artemis Ventures LLC, a leading-edge software marketing and technology consulting firm, and, the “Great Software IS Great Marketing” site, today announced the release of a new freely downloadable Best Practices guide entitled “Software Best Practices: Healthy Software“.

This white paper introduces the concept of Software Health as a best practice for ensuring the creation of excellent software, and discusses how concepts like rapid, continuous developer testing contributes to the creation healthy software.

“Schedule overruns, tired staff, and difficulty in changing or adding functionality are sure indications that something is wrong with your  software: your software is unhealthy. It is poorly specified, architected,and designed; it lacks comprehensive documentation.  Changing even the smallest part of its code is fraught with risk as no one fully understands the implications”, said Hollis Tibbetts, Principal Analyst and Managing Director at Artemis Ventures LLC.

“The impact of unhealthy software is significant and even has a quantifiable effect on the value of the business. Businesses spend tens of billions of dollars a year simply to repair defective software.  The total economic impact of sick software is staggering. Healthy software should be a top priority for every IT organization and every software vendor”, said Tibbetts, who is also the author of ebizQ’s “Integration Edge“.

This guide is freely downloadable today at  No registration is required.

About Artemis Ventures LLC

Artemis Ventures LLC is a strategy consulting, market research and analyst firm that advises software vendors and commercial organizations.

Artemis Ventures LLC focuses on technologies that challenge the status quo such as: Cloud, SaaS, Big Data and Social Media, and how these technologies impact businesses.

About is the “Great Software IS Great Marketing” site. is a destination for anyone involved in the strategy or creation of software – Software Vendors as well as commercial organizations creating software for internal use.

It is the premier advocate on the Web for the creation and marketing of insanely great software through deep understanding of customer needs and priorities.


For additional information or to schedule an interview with Mr. Tibbetts, contact Michael Ortiz at or +1.408.475.2002

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