Netflix and Corporate Culture: did a “culture of fear” lead to bad decision-making?

Along with most of the nation, I shook my head at Netflix’s recent announcements and thought “what were they thinking?”  Netflix has a reputation of paying well above average, and they can afford the best and brightest.  How could they do what appears to be such clumsy ham-handed blundering?

A look at Netflix’s apparent corporate culture reveals much.Culture of Fear?

You have to love Twitter at times.  After I wrote my article yesterday on Netflix, I got a Tweet from @Nihonmama – asking me if I had ever looked at Netflix reviews by employees/ex-employees on  Wow, thank-you Julie!

I dug into the 200+ comments and it just hit me (as it did Julie/@nihonmama) that there was a striking pattern that tells so much about what things are like in Los Gatos.

I wrote about this on Sys-Con media this afternoon, and it’s finally been approved by the editor.  You can read the approved article .

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