Apple’s Surprising and Disappointing Marketing Fail – Software Malpractice?

Apple’s Surprising and Disappointing Marketing Fail – Software Malpractice?
— Apple’s Surprising Marketing Blunder. Along with hoards of other people, I upgraded my perfectly good iPhone 4 for the new iPhone 4S. Am I happy? No. It’s a Product and Marketing #FAIL. Shocking – coming from the best marketing and product development company in the galaxy.

I “listened” to the iPhone 4S launch – from live blog streams. I was honestly quite disappointed. A faster processor? The iPhone 4 was fast enough for me. Same “defective” exposed-glass design that is guaranteed to shatter the first time you drop it (my first iPhone 4 lasted two days). Heck, you can’t even show your new iPhone off because it looks identical to the old one. No crowds of people asking you “what do you think of your new iPhone????”

4 thoughts on “Apple’s Surprising and Disappointing Marketing Fail – Software Malpractice?

  1. The only reason you are not happy is because you can’t show it off and you might break it? You say nothing about the Siri Technology or whether it works. That’s what everyone’s talking about.

  2. So you blame Apple for you buying an iPhone4s? There presentation was pretty clear. They gave information about their product. Common sense would be enough to understand that the changes may not be worth an upgrade from 4 to 4S. Nobody forced you to buy one other than your own desire to have one.

    What I understand from your opinion is that you have some unrealistic expectations and feel bad because the’re weren’t met. Blame yourself for it, not Apple. I upgraded from my 3GS and I am very happy with the better camera.

    Of course I wanted to have some fancy iPhone5. But it was clear from the presentation that it was “just” a 4s. No big deal.

    • Actually, I’d prefer to look at it from a different perspective. Rather than BLAME Apple, I actually CONGRATULATE them.

      Their marketing has been so successful that I craved the new iPhone 4S even though there wasn’t any real compelling reason to get it. It was a clear case of emotion over reason. I just had to have the new iPhone and Siri. Brilliant marketing on getting people to upgrade.

      But marketing and product #FAIL with Siri. It’s not ready for primetime and was shoved out the door before its time.

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