The World DOESN’T Need More Laughter

Laughter is one of the most wonderful gifts bestowed upon us by our Creator. But humor in Social Media is a tricky thing. My sense of humor is admittedly a bit nerdy and peculiar – and to many people, decidedly un-funny. Yet I persist in trying to make people laugh – or at least crack a smile. So if you want to try to be funny in social media – go for it (carefully) – the world needs more laughter.

Well – let me be a bit more specific.

The world needs more laughter – but don’t let it be at your (or your company’s) expense!

It’s possible that you might just make a few strangers, friends, co-workers and colleagues snicker…but on the other hand, you might embarrass yourself in front of someone influential. Or (doomsday scenario) – you write something truly memorable and it goes semi-viral on you.

Social Media Best Practice #7:

Never make people laugh – unless that is the INTENDED outcome.

If you are making people laugh in an unintended fashion, odds are it’s because you’ve unintentionally communicated something – and people are laughing AT you…not WITH you.

And 95% of the time, when people are laughing at you in this scenario, it is because you’ve done something very simple, and very preventable – you’ve massacred a sentence.

Let me leave you with one simple (and fortunately inoffensive) example: “flying around the room, I saw two birds”.

One thought on “The World DOESN’T Need More Laughter

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