The Worst (And Best) Enterprise Cloud Strategies – Forbes

The Worst (And Best) Enterprise Cloud Strategies Forbes With all of the claims and counter-claims, the big money acquisitions and advertising hype, it’s easy to get the impression that every big enterprise software company out there has easily made…

SoftwareHollis‘s insight:

Brad Peters is one of the smartest software people I know, and I know an awful lot of software folks.

I have enormous respect for his opinions – irrespective of whether I agree with them or not. I know that his opinions are well-considered, well-founded.

Brad accomplishes what he set out to do – to create a discussion on the topic. He makes perfectly reasonable observations about each of the companies he has chosen to mention.

There is no scientific method to compare vastly disparate organizations with respect to Cloud strategy and execution – so these kinds of “top 10” lists will always be a matter of personal opinion.

And then there is the matter of “what is Software and what isn’t”. I would agree with Brad that Amazon, Google etc. aren’t “enterprise software”. Yet would dispute the exclusion of Salesforce. It might have been easier just to say “traditional enterprise software vendors” (or something to that effect).

In any case, I consider this list to be a nicely informative perspective on the ten companies it mentions. And believe that Brad has done a nice job of profiling strengths & weaknesses for each.

For those who are considering establishing a relationship (or deepening an existing relationship) with the aforementioned vendors, strong consideration of Brad’s opinions would be a wise move.

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