Transforming Business & Life Principles

I saw these on a blog by Richard Blaquiere:

Daily Reminders For A Positive Life :

1. Today I will search for my own identity and better define what I stand for.

2. Today I will give some of the best of myself to others.

3. My body is healthy, strong and vibrant.

4. Today I have the power to change what needs to be changed in my life.

5. Today I will listen to myself as well as to others.

6. Today I will trust in myself.

7. I will look for the joy in this day.

8. I’m a problem-solver, not a victim.

9. Today I will stop reacting to everything.

10. Today I will claim some time for myself.

11. Today I will accept people for who they are and not who I want them to be.

12. Today I will change what I can and accept what I can’t change.

13. Today when I’m overwhelmed by responsibilities, I’ll think of one thing at a time and concentrate on changing or altering that one thing.

14. Today I will broaden my own horizons.

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