How to Offend People with Targeted Offers – @Klout

I must be super important – or have some sort of horrible hygiene problem.


Klout has decided that I should be awarded a perk called “One Wipe Charlies – Butt Wipes to keep your rear in the clear” ….allegedly because of my “lofty social media standing”.

Sheesh – what a bad message to send to someone. Unless you don’t like them (or want to make fun of them somehow).  Are these for real or some sort of a gag gift.

Revolutionizing your bathroom habits one #2 at a time?  Seriously?  Seriously Horrid.

I wonder what other products Klout will send me – “Your armpits stink like garlic spray” or perhaps “Your hair looks like a greasy birds nest leave-in conditioner”?


Thanks Klout.  Love you too.

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