Comparing #SocialMedia Platforms – Why?

How legitimate is it for us to keep comparing #SocialMedia platforms? Twitter vs. Google+ vs. Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Pinterest and so on?

#SocialMedia Platforms

Comparing #SocialMedia Platforms (click for full-size)

This infographic caught my eye this morning (I love infographics). Assuming this is true, which is not a bad assumption… it’s quite interesting.

I hear so much about Google+ as “the next and biggest thing” – yet the active users are growing at a considerably slower rate than #Facebook or #Twitter. At this rate, Twitter will eclipse #Google+ in two quarters, and Facebook is un-catchable – reaching 100 Trillion active users in the next year as every person on the planet will be Facebooking, and adoption saturates all star systems within several hundred light-years.


IMO – I see Twitter and Facebook only as “sort of” competitors to G+.

It’s like comparing motorcycles to SUV’s – they are both forms of transportation, yet hardly interchangeable in most cases. They both serve their purposes and there are good reasons for owning both. So why are we so focused on trying to compare?

Reminds me of a something I remember a sailing companion saying about a decade ago: what do you call two sailboats sailing in the same direction??? – “a race”.

Seems like people are drawn to competitions of all sorts. Even when they’re sort of pointless – like two sailboats going no-where in particular at a top speed of 5 or 6 mph.

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